On 30 September 2021, a Winetech funded diseases and pests’ workshop was organised and presented by the Agricultural Research Council (ARC). Dr Andries Daniels convener of the workshop explained that choosing the talks were for the following specific reasons. 1. So that they centred on the importance of farmers not only being able to know how to monitor diseases and pests; 2. Also to be able to understand the importance of knowing the pathogen causing the diseases and 3. The resistance these pests and diseases can develop towards fungicides used in their control.

The importance relating to why using more than one fungicide is sometimes necessary to control or manage a specific disease or pest got highlighted as well as why reading and understanding the product label should always be done prior to using the fungicide or product prescribed.

Also emphasized was why producers should never hesitate to ask an expert if they do not understand something and to know that varieties differ in terms of their susceptibility to diseases and pests.

The session included topics like:

Keep the technology alive Respect Resistance Management: A presentation on the basic principles of how resistance develops and how it can be managed by Dirk Uys from Bayer. His talk can be accessed at

Dr Trevor Koopman gave a talk on Crown Gall: What it is, and how it can be controlled; and Dr Elleunorah Allsopp gave a talk on Tools’ to effectively monitor diseases and pests. The workshop was a great success since there was a lot of participation from the audience and between the researchers throughout. The attendees also got the opportunity to inspect vines for diseases and pests inside the hall and outside in the vineyard. The producers from Eksteenskuil/Keimoes really enjoyed it and found it very insightful.

Personal Protective Quipment Training

We will provide training to members and workers who handle pesticides and other hazardous chemicals on the risks of handling these materials and on how to handle them properly.

Training must address:

  • how to properly store pesticides and hazardous chemicals especially so these cannot be reached by children
  • how to understand the product label and other safety instructions made available by the manufacturer. Containers should be labelled indicating contents, warnings, and intended uses (preferably in the original container when possible)
  • how to handle accidents and spills when preparing and applying
  • how to properly handle and dispose of empty containers, including triple rinsing, and puncturing containers
  • intervals of time when people are not allowed to enter a sprayed area or field without any personal protection equipment.

We must also raise awareness of the risks and issues associated with using of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals and make sure farmers know the risks involved.
This is a core requirement for Fairtrade.

Personal Protective Quipment Training
Personal Protective Quipment Training

Eksteenskuil farmers and workers with their certificates for PPE training.

Working on a farm can be dangerous

Vlak 1 Noodhulp Opleiding

The Eksteenskuil Agricultural Cooperative had First Aid level 1 training in November 2016 for their farmers and workers.

Working on a farm can be dangerous. There are risks from using machinery, from equipment, from chemicals and from insect and animal bites. Many of our farms are a long way from the clinics and the hospital too. It is important to us that our farmers, the workers and their families are safe and can receive first aid quickly and effectively.

This government approved training will make sure that there is a number of well trained people working in our community who can administer first aid and then make good decisions about whether further treatment is necessary. This treatment will prevent further problems and may save lives.


EAC is FAIRTRADE Accredited

EAC is FAIRTRADE Accredited

Eskom Business Investment Award

Eskom Business Investment Award

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