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EAC is a dynamic primary agricultural cooperative owned by its producer members, created with the primary aim of optimum wealth creation for its members.

Since EAC was founded from the old Eksteenskuil Farmers Association in 2006, we have created a strong and well managed organisation that serves as a focal point for our farmers and the wider community. We have worked hard to build strong, trusting relationships with our members, our business partners and our stakeholders and we work together to the advantage of our land and people.

One hundred smallholder farmers have joined EAC and farm approximately over 520 hectares. Our climate is ideal for vines, alfalfa, water melons, potatoes and maize. The farmers are growing raisins on approximately 200 hectares and this is our most important cash crop.

Core business

  • Raisins production
  • Marketing of raisins
  • Input and general trade
  • Contract growth programmes (Agricultural Research Council)
  • Agricultural services Department of Agriculture

EAC has a positive, creative and mutually supportive relationship with Red Sun Raisins, our main processing partner. We have worked closely together to develop projects together, to access new markets and to develop branded packaging. We are currently working together to create new co-branded products which we hope to take to new markets, especially the local market. This is a relationship which we expect to thrive and strengthen over the coming years.

EAC will always strive to:

  • add economic value to our cooperative for the benefit of our members
  • deliver excellent customer service to our clients and stakeholders
  • create a work environment in which the full potential of our employees can be realised and developed
  • act in an ethical fashion towards all interested parties
  • act in a responsible and accountable manner
  • comply with applicable legislation
  • create more job opportunities

Since EAC belongs to its producer members, we offer more bargaining power to the farmers, but we also offer them direct input into and control over what we do on their behalf.

Management structure

EAC’s Board of Directors

EAC, its Board and employees are unconditionally committed to complying with all applicable legislation and to immediately report and investigate any non-compliance or irregularities and take the necessary steps to ensure the problems are not repeated.

EAC’s Board of Directors consists of six members who have been elected by the members at our Annual General Meeting. The Eksteenskuil area is divided into three island groups and we ensure that directors are elected from these groups. A director’s tenure of office is two years and directors may be re-elected. In order to qualify as a director, the candidate concerned must be a bona fide farmer with agricultural interests. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are elected annually by the members of the Board.

Photographs Board of Directors


EAC has a number of committees and the members of these committees are drawn from the cooperative. The different committees meet regularly to discuss various issues and ideas and submit their recommendations to the Board.


EAC is FAIRTRADE Accredited

EAC is FAIRTRADE Accredited

Eskom Business Investment Award

Eskom Business Investment Award

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