Raisin Exports


  • 94 small farmers are members of the cooperative.
  • EAC represents 600 ha of irri-gated land exploitable for agri-cultural activities.
  • Each farmer manage between 3 and 5 ha.

Industry Packaging

2 subcontracting companies who al-ready have experience with Fairtrade are available to farmers:

  • SAD (South Africa Dried Food) since 1900
  • Red Sun Fruits and Nuts since 2009

Fair Trade

Eksteenskuil is the only organization in South Africa exporting raisins certified Fairtrade.

Much of their production is exported through Fairtrade but the exported pro-ducts decrease every year. Nevertheless they need this assistance to imporve their lifestyle and to be able to establish new standards of mandatory features.


EAC is FAIRTRADE Accredited

EAC is FAIRTRADE Accredited

Eskom Business Investment Award

Eskom Business Investment Award

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